Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Crossrail at the Commons

A quick look on the Council website and it's obvious that the issue of the day is Crossrail - 17 years in the talking, another 10 years in the making (probably).

The reason it's taking such prominence is because the Council's petition is included in the current committee stage of the Crossrail Bill at Westminster (scheduled for the 9-11 May). Today we've read that petition and we're now eagerly awaiting the publication of the Committee's proceedings. We'll be scouring the transcripts when we get them as we're sure many of the objections the petition raises are bargaining chips in the "Crossrail for Woolwich" campaign.

The campaign does have it's work cut out though as Crossrail have produced a feasibility study which essentially concluded that it was not commercially viable - in other words, if it happens the shortfall will likely come from the taxpayer.



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