Monday, July 23, 2007

So why did we buy the suite then?

Some of our councillors in Greenwich are very good at sending email out to their electorate to "keep in touch", or as we like to say "make it look like you're doing something for the freebie salary". One such representative is the councillor for Peninsula Ward, Mary Mills.

Councillor Mills sends out her mailing and always says that her fellow ward councillors, Dick Quibell and the Glorious Leader want to be "associated" with her words. Her latest newsletter says
A number of people have asked me if I can get them tickets for events at the Dome. The answer is absolutely no the ONLY access I have to tickets is to get them by paying full price plus commission from commercial ticket agencies.
Oh really? So what was the Corporate Suite bought for then? Expensive upper-class storage space? Seriously, it beggars belief that Cllr Mills, and her colleagues, including Chris Roberts, could claim that tickets are not available any other way than through a ticket agency when they have publicly said that the suite was bought to give free tickets to "community groups" and rewards for long service.

Basically, we're being told on the one hand that the £95,000 spent on the suite for the year is money well spent and will provide access to events for people for free, and then in the next breath they're saying it won't?

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