Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Groundhog Tennis Day!

Today, the Council issued a press release titled "Anyone for Tennis". Apparently they're having a big drive to promote tennis in the month before Wimbledon, and it'll all be kicked off with a programme called "First Serve" at the tennis club in Eltham Park.

Now, as some readers may recall, the Council had a similar pre-Wimbledon flirtation with tennis back in 2004. Back then a Council initiative was going to submit a bid with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) to build an indoor tennis centre on the site of the old Eltham Lido.

A quick look at Eltham Lido today shows it's still closed and full of rubble. Given there's been no statement about the result of the LTA bid we emailed one of our contacts to see what actually happened. To cut a long story short it appears that the LTA bid may have never actually been submitted.

Is that a double fault?


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