Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Announcement: Upcoming Public Meetings

A resident has contacted us regarding a couple public meetings coming up in Greenwich and asked if we could publicise them. We are of course more than happy to oblige.

Tonight (Tuesday 18th July) there is a meeting about the Pole Dancing club proposed for The Plaza in East Greenwich. The meeting is at Lovell Hall at the Christchurch Forum at 8pm.

In two days time (Thursday 20th July) English Partnerships are organising a meeting about the Greenwich District Hospital site. Apparently there is very little publicity around this one but it will be at The Forum, Greenwich at 7pm.

We're not quite sure what the Thursday meeting will be about, as to our knowledge the hospital site is going to be a new singing all-dancing leisure centre as part of a wider strategy to close down the other leisure centres it's been running into the ground for the past few years. Perhaps this is the beginning of the "consultation" where the end result is already decided?


Anonymous stanton said...

Chris Roberts threw an almight wobbly when someone asked the developers what they thought about the lap dancing club opening in The Plaza...

4:14 pm  
Anonymous Greezy Pimp said...

Yeah a real performance making stuff up that he claimed the guy had said shouting him down and finally saying we can go outside and discuss this one to one! The contractors faces were a real picture, open mouthed disbelief.

4:52 pm  
Blogger greenwich.watch said...

We're surprised at this. It is totally out of character for Chris Roberts to lose his temper. We've been told he has the patience of Job.

Should anyone wish to tell us all the details do email us and we'll publish it.

5:02 pm  
Blogger Indigo said...

So Chris Roberts didn't bring his office into disrepute or anything like that?

Some of the people I know may have attended that meeting - I will try to find out more, too.

7:29 am  
Blogger SOUTH-LONDONER said...

I was at the meeting. Chris Roberts did lose it but didn't threaten violence.
I wouldn't have missed the prospect of a punch-up: the Leader's angry reaction was the one bit of passion in a shockingly lacklustre meeting which mostly consisted of presentations from poorly-prepared developers. Makes you think all this public consultation is a charade....

8:38 am  

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