Thursday, October 19, 2006

Crossrail for Woolwich canned

We felt we ought to pass comment on this although we admit we've again been a little slack recently. As many will remeber, back in July there was quite a bit of fanfare by the Council about it's alleged success at the Crossrail Select Committee.

Back then we pointed out that there remained a massive shortfall in funding for a station at Woolwich and were concerned about who was going to foot the bill. It appears that the Government have decided that it definitely won't be them as they've canned the proposal on cost gorunds. However, the Council says it will fight on.

The Council leader Chris Roberts says that the "financial case for Woolwich has been made on several occasions" which is certainly true, the case has been made on several occassions and on several occassions it has now been shown to be a poor case. If the Council collected arrears more effectively, and spent it money a little more wisely perhaps it might have been able to win that argument?

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Anonymous lowestoftjohn said...

Again, patronage. Greenwich's rival in all of this was LB Newham, led by Sir Robin Wales, chair of the Association of London Government and upon whom Roberts relied for his chairmanship of the community safety committee there.

Doesn't take a genius, joint the dots etc.

And before anyone says it, yes, I am saying Roberts would sell Greenwich down the river (literally!) for his own advancement.

3:31 pm  

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