Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A message to Patrick

We moved to Beta Blogger recently and it appears all comment email alerts were being categorised as spam. However Patrick, you will note that the comment you posted here has now been posted because we're not afraid of debate.

We're not sure about this "run by tories" line though. When we said we didn't have a party political line to toe we meant it. Hence we've written stories about all the parties represented on Greenwich Council, as the Councillors and regulars who read this site will confirm.

The sad fact is though, the Council is controlled by Labour, and has been for 35 years. The Tories are not particularly effective given they're split straight down the middle, and with the greatest of respect to Cllr Webbewood who comments here, the Lib Dem dynamic duo are even more ineffective.

We do think Patrick that you should have a look at the archives of the site as they do have reports about crime, hospitals, education and housing. Thanks for your comment Patrick though, we do always publish comments that are critical of us.

Yes, we're opinionated about Greenwich, and yes, we're negative because we walk around with our eyes open. This site however is about engaging in debate. If you don't like what we say then post a comment and say so. If you think we've got something wrong, then so say. Unlike the Council we're not interested in closing down discussion or controlling "the message".

Kind regards

Greenwich Watch


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