Saturday, September 23, 2006

Greenwich Council spin at it's very best

When we set up this site we told the News Shopper that we wanted to "cut through the spin". We believe we've done that quite well in addition to the other stuff like legal threats, national media exposure and general gossip. Assuming we're to trust our traffic statistics there is an appetite out there for this site, the Council offices are no longer the highest percentage of the readership.

We've always known the Council places a higher priority on it's press management than anything else, an example of which can be seen in the GCSE results on their website. The spin on the results is quite subtle, but it's still there. If you visit here you will see that the GCSE results had a "slight drop on the previous year’s results". They link to the results table here. Now compare that results table to the one for the A-Level results here.

Isn't it interesting that the Council chose not to show this years GCSE results in comparison to last years? The odd thing is that we're pretty sure they were there a fortnight ago. Clearly someone wasn't happy about that, after all they make the claim of a "slight drop" laughable.

You see, whilst the entire country's GCSE averages went up, Greenwich's went down. Obviously they don't want you to know that though. If they did let you know then we'd need to change our logo strapline again in case anyone confused this site for theirs.

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Blogger Cllr Andy Jennings said...

The Council's website is down yet again. Every time you make reference to it it seems to break...

11:57 am  

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