Thursday, January 11, 2007

Council workers made to re-apply for their own jobs

Word reaches us that because of the Council's budget cuts efficiency savings, a number of staff are being made to re-apply for their own jobs. In some cases, staff who have been on secondment places for quite literally years are finding they have to apply for the job they should be on rather than their seconded role.

If anyone re-applying for their own job would like to get in touch and tell us what's going on you know what to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance of looking into something worth while, like how Jackie Smith and her mob are letting the kids of the area down with the shocking education results.

Far more important then Middle class whining about casinos

1:07 pm  
Anonymous andrew said...

Yet you're no doubt more than happy to keep milking the middle classes to fund ongoing welfare benefits and, indeed, schools. Perhaps you'd care to address some of the actual economic points raised, instead of posting your vacuous anonymous insults?

1:45 pm  
Blogger said...

Anonymous if that was directed at us then you should perhaps address you're own educational issues in relation to reading.

We've merely reported things, at no point have we expressed an opinion for or against the casino.

1:50 pm  
Blogger Indigo said...

@ anonymous 1.07PM

If it is "middle class" to care about the 39 per cent of children in this Borough (40 per cent in parts of Plumstead and Woolwich)** who live in families in which no one is working - and who will be the ones most vulnerable to the shiny empty promises of the casino operators - then no one in the Labour Group is in any danger of being called middle class.

** the national average is 21 per cent.

9:24 pm  
Anonymous Rothko said...

Indigo, for me it's far more important that children in Greenwich are educated to a level where they break the cicle of deprivation which poor educational attitment causes.

Better educated children in Greenwich, would then be in a better position to break out of that 40% and drop the average down.

But then you might have to do something about it and think of a soultion, rather then saying no to something.

2:13 pm  
Blogger Indigo said...

Hey, rothko, the people who can actually do something about education in Greenwich are Councillors, head teachers, teachers, etc.

Me "think of a solution" - and not those who are paid to do so - why? It is not my area of expertise, and I wouldn't dream of trying to tell my grandmother to suck eggs. But this Council would rather hold Great Get Togethers with free food, a free clown, a few animals from a petting zoo, not bother to collect Council Tax, and compile wordy but meaningless protocols, than do any real work.

5:59 pm  
Anonymous Rothko said...

I'm actually trying to get where your coming from, is it that your against it for worrying about a possible problem with addiction, or you against it cause you don't like the council? If so, I take you're goign to start a compaign against on line casinos as well, indigo?

As for Education, I take it you take my point about improving education in the borough may well improve people life chances, and lower the chances they might walk into a pit of sin at the O2?

10:21 am  
Blogger Indigo said...

@ rothko

If you were trying to get where I'm coming from, you would read the

web site. The arguments and the grouns for concern are set out there. The huge increase in crime (large casinos cannot be dissociated from organised crime), the risk to young people, the insult to Muslim residents, and the lies we have been told about regeneration - for every £1 that accrues to the local community from having the supercasino here, £3 will be spent to deal with the problems caused directly by the supercasino.

It is current Government and Treasury policy, apparently, to "lead the world" in on-line gambling. That's a pretty silly, intellectually bankrupt sort of goal for a national government of a Western, developed country to have.

6:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

last time i looked this wasn't a muslim country. if you want to ban things because they affect small religious minorities then why not close down all pig farms because they offend jews or all churches because they offend atheists?

8:54 am  
Anonymous andrew said...

Good for you, anonymous, when you've finished with your straw man would you care to address the economic point?

As for Rothko's point about online casinos, I'm actually less worried about them. What scares me about the supercasino is row upon row upon row of unlimited jackpot fruit machines, waiting to tempt people to 'just give them a try'. Australia's experience of these machines is far from happy.

10:43 am  

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