Friday, December 22, 2006

Audit Commission slates Greenwich

Yesterday, the Audit Commission put out a press release about Greenwich Council and it is, to say the very least, not particularly glowing. The general summary is that the Council is good at knowing what the problems are, and does have a wide range of available services. The problem is that it just doesn't deliver on those solutions. Specifically it identified the following weaknesses.
  • the quality of repairs in relet homes is poor;
  • there is poor value for money achieved in the repairs carried out in empty homes;
  • new tenants are given little time to consider offers and move into their new homes;
  • the quality of customer care in respect of the reletting process is variable;
  • service standards are not challenging; and
  • weaknesses with the computer and technology systems get in the way of the delivery and development of an effective allocations service.
None of the above comes as a surprise to us, in fact, its a vindication of many of the things that we've been posting about over the past number of months. You can read the full Audit Commission press release here.


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