Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tut tut... such hypocrisy!

For anyone wondering what is going on with the "casino", it ain't over yet! AEG, the owners of the O2, have apparently made a complaint ahead of the House of Lords Select Committee investigating the process that led to the shock decision to award Manchester the first super-casino license. They are claiming that documents submitted by Manchester Council to the Casino Advisory Panel had false statements in them.

Yes that's right dear readers, the company that submitted fake documents to the CAP itself and was then forced into a humiliating apology which made the front page and was carried across the national news for a day, have complained that Manchester did it too. The phrase "it's not fair, they didn't get caught" is no doubt ringing around Westminster as we type!

In other news, Tutankhamen is not really coming to Greenwich. The thing that everyone thinks is the mask on the posters is actually just a ten inch or so miniature coffin used to store King Tut's liver.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And £15 for the privilege of not seeing the one thing people actually want to see (the mask)? F--k that!!

9:42 am  
Blogger Indigo said...

So AEG claims that it is misleading of the CAP to say that regeneration on the Peninsula is already happening. That's ridiculous - the market prices of the new properties there announce to the world that it is regenerated. A one-bedroom flat in Faraday Lodge, the Millennium Village, on the second floor, is currently under offer (James Johnston site) at £275,000; a one-bedroom flat in Kilby Court is under offer for £265,000. To afford that, you have to be on an excellent salary. (To compare: TWO bedroom flats, with garden and on street parking, in my road about a mile from the wretched Dome go for about £165,000-£175,000.)

Within a short walk of these pricy properties, there is a primary school and a health centre, a huge cinema, a yacht club and "flagship" "green" Sainsbury's. Not to mention the enormous Angerstein retail park.

I do hope that Professor Crow has this sort of market information to hand.

10:37 am  
Anonymous Fred said...

Well, they (AEG) can hardly be blamed for not having the Mask. The Egyptians won't let it out of Cairo where they are building a nice new museum for it! According to review sites the exhibition in the US is doing very well, even without the mask, drawing huge crowds - and only a few complaints about not having it on show. Maybe they could get a hologram of it!

10:30 pm  
Anonymous Oilraiding said...

So the scaremongering by indigo about the Tutenkamen exhibition came true ... except it happened without the benefit of the casino. I wonder how many other scare stories were based on as little fact as that?

Apologise for your hysteria, woman.

4:10 pm  
Blogger Indigo said...

@oilraiding, what are you talking about? The Egyptians - understandably - said that if there was a casino in the Dome they would not allow the Tutankhamen artefacts to be displayed there. Now, all being well, there will not be a casino at the Dome, so the Tut exhibition can go ahead.

Nothing for me to apologise for.

5:43 pm  
Blogger Charlton Average said...

I know someone who was involved in the events at the "o2" on Monday, there was a whole lot that went on that didn't make it into the news. It was quite a bash.

Anyway the whole thing was orignally scheduled to take place a few months ago only for it to be mysteriously cancelled because one of the Egyptian's fell ill.

Innocent illness or buying time to delay the announcment until after the casion decision?

10:28 am  
Anonymous Fred said...

Look at the real timing issue....There was no chance of the casino being operational by November anyway so the comments by the Egyptians were a complete red herring stirred by by a journalist looking for another Curse of King Tut story!

10:20 pm  
Blogger Indigo said...

@fred: Don't you read the newspapers? In expectation of having the supercasino licence handed to them, the casino space has already been built, without planning permission. The Gaming Act 2005 comes into effect in August or September 2007 - OF COURSE AEG would have launched the casino then, not waited until November.

I suspect "fred" is a Labour (so-called) Councillor.

6:34 am  

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