Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's only £400,000 after all!

We’ve just noticed another £400,000 that's gone down the drain in Greenwich. On Tuesday the Cabinet Committee (three Labour Councillors in case you wondered), agreed to write off £400,000 as a result of the fact the Penalty Charge notices issued to drivers were not laid out correctly.

Basically, every parking ticket up to 2nd August 2006 was non-compliant, or as we like to say "illegal". Wonder if we can get some of our money back for old tickets we paid? If anyone did have a ticket in say July 2006 and they paid it, we strongly urge them to demand the money back.

Anyway, don’t worry about how they can afford it, apparently its all going to be met out of "reserves". Yes, not only do they fail to collect Council Tax and rent to the tune of millions but they also have £400K spare floating around. No wait a minute, that's our money really not theirs.


Blogger Indigo said...

What happens if/when Greenwich Council starts trading insolvent - insolvent, that is, unless it increases the Council Tax by some unreasonably stratospheric amount to make up the shortfall caused by the Council's own incompetence? (The Council Tax that it fails to collect from everyone.)

Who scrutinises Greenwich Council on behalf of the suffering tax payer and holds them to account? I hope that the Audit Office is across this.

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