Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Council labels pub it wants to demolish a local landmark

According to page 52 of the Council's Plumstead Common Conservation document, the Prince Albert Public House is to be added to the protected "local list" of buildings. Is this the same Prince Albert Public House that the Council wants to demolish and has a compulsory purchase order on?

Or perhaps they actually mean the Prince of Wales Pub in Plumstead Common Road, as that is the address they give for it? Even if it is, it's amusing that they've also listed the Prince Albert as a "memorable" building that can be "described as having landmark character".

Incompetence in proof reading? Or just incompetence in calling a place they wish to rip down a landmark? Either way, any purchase should, in our opinion, be halted whilst the Council explains how it can praise somewhere it is planning to get rid of.

We'd like to thank the Plumstead blogger, Sibonetic for bringing this to our attention.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The phrase about and arse and an elbow springs to mind when reading this.

8:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Working on the record of previous Greenwich councils I wouldnt put much hope in saving some of our historic buildings, i refer to places like General Gordons birth place, the Globe theatre, Hog Lane, Barnards (empire), and various other old buildings bearing signs like ancient lights. Regretably history does not generate the same profit as blocks of flats, of leasure facilities

10:17 pm  

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