Sunday, April 29, 2007

Crack dens shut down in Woolwich

We've just learned that the Police made 19 arrests and shut down a number of crack dens in Council property in Woolwich last week. The leader of the COuncil Chris Roberts said in statement that the Council will not "tolerate people bringing misery to Greenwich and will use all our resources, including removing Council tenancies and seeking ASBOs, to support the police. Local residents brought this problem to our attention and I am pleased to report that it was successfully tackled."

We fully agree with the Council leader on this. Shutting down drug dealing dens in Greenwich is an effective use of Police time and resources. However, it bothers us that whilst the Council says this, it's also been alleged to us that a senior councillor on the controlling group lives next to a property that many residents suspect of being involved in drug dealing too.

If the allegation is correct, we'd have thought it would be one of the first places to be shut down by the Police.

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