Friday, May 26, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: New Lib Dem Cllr attacks "boastful" Roberts

Newbie Liberal Democrat councillor for Middle Park and Sutcliffe, Paul Webbewood, has hit the ground running by verbally attacking the Council leader Chris Roberts.

According to our source, Cllr Webbewood says in an email that the Mayoral Inauguration ceremony on Wednesday (lightheartedly commented on by us here), "did not show the Council at its best to our guests". He goes on to blame this on Chris Roberts' decision to give an "unnecessarily boastful and tendentious" speech, forcing the leaders of the opposition parties to give speeches which sturck a "discordant note".

Cllr Webbewood, we just want to let you know that we agree with you. Although we have to admit that we'd essentially switched off before Roberts finished speaking, and then found ourselves lost in the sublime fresco for the rest of the evening.


Anonymous Paul Webbewood said...

Oh dear. I only sent the email to five people, so I wonder who the mole is.

Congratulations on the blog, keep it up.


5:12 pm  
Blogger said...

to be fair we never actually saw the email so we really appreciate you confirming we weren't duped (assuming you really are Cllr Webbewood).

7:07 pm  
Anonymous GMT said...

The problem with the speeches at the mayor making was that (if you stayed awake) somehow they got progressively worse: through the poor timing of Spencer Drury, the badly advised adlibbing of Brian Woodcraft, the complete incoherence of Harry Singh and by the time you got to the dulcit Brummie drawl of Paul Tyler you started to believe that Chris Roberts was an orator of Churchillian stature.

12:48 pm  

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