Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is anyone there?

From the very inception of this site it was always going to rely on input from residents in the Borough as much as it does on Council press releases and other sources. We've had a number of emails from local residents in recent weeks, and we've been researching some of the issues raised for future postings.

One mail we received was from a resident on the Plumstead side of Shooters Hill who was concerned that no one at the Council answers emails. They told us that sometime ago local residents near Plumcroft School were asked for their opinions on making Admaston Road a one-way street. This resident responded to the Highways Department saying that they supported the idea but wanted to know what what enforcement of the one-way system would be used. They received no reply to that email and heard nothing more on the matter.

The reason they raised the issue of enforcement was because surrounding roads, which were already one-way streets, often had traffic flowing the wrong way. They told us "all types [of transport] from cyclists to lorries" travel along the street the wrong way and that "it happens at all times of the day". They said that they’d also emailed the Highways Department about this and suggested there should be a pinch at one end of the street to deter breaches of the one-way system. Again they received no reply, not even an auto-responder. They said they felt like correspondence with the Council must be “destined for file 13".

Now, we're pretty sure that Admaston Road is in the Shooters Hill ward, so we've emailed all the ward councillors to find out why residents emails are ignored, and what the Council's plans for Admaston Road's one-way system actually are. Hopefully at least one of them will respond.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in one of the surrounding streets that was made one-way (after lobbying for such from residents) a couple of years ago. At the public meeting of the time, residents highlighted the need to make Admaston Rd one-way downhill (to complement to uphill one-way system in Ennis Rd). The highway officers said they would monitor Admaston Rd. This, it would appear they have done, and have concurred with the opinion of residents.

What bliss! Our roads reverted overnight from dangerous and frustrating rat-runs, into quiet and safe roads, used mainly by residents. Children are now out playing in groups, rather than in ones and twos in their houses and back gardens.

Yes, occassionally someone travels the wrong way. For the most part, they apologise and look suitably embarrassed when their error is pointed out.

Admaston Rd is slightly different, in that access (the wrong way) is from the main road and drivers who have habitually used this route have not always spotted the new signs.

I have tentatively pushed (from time-to-time) for the roads around the Plumcroft block plus Rowton Rd to be made one way. However, the Fire Brigade is not happy about the idea.

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