Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why you should get to know your Council Leader personally

It's official. In the Borough of Greenwich, who you know is what really matters if you want to get something done. That's what the Council Leader Chris Roberts implied in a letter he wrote to the Mercury this week.

In response to an article by Gareth Dorrian on June 13th about changes to the hiring times of Woolwich Town hall (we can't imagine who broke that story two weeks earlier, keep up Gareth!), Chris Roberts said that he was surprised the Asian Chamber of Commerce secretary Sadhu Biring had chosen to go to the press as he "is not short of contacts within the council".

We welcome the Council leader's honesty and openness in admitting what many of us residents have suspected for a long time. Such an admission validates our decision to set up this site.

It's seems pretty clear. Don't expect to get something done in Greenwich unless you know the right people. We suggest you all email the Council leader and invite him to your next barbecue.


Anonymous greenwichdemocrat said...

Some contacts are more equal than others though. Ask anyone from Eltham Labour Party.

Cllr Roberts' is probably just jealous that this person has actual friends, as opposed to just people on his payroll vote.

3:21 pm  

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