Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The hypocrisy of Greenwich planning

At the Council meeting prior to the elections one of the petitions submitted was by the leader Chris Roberts. It contained just over 1,200 signatures and was against the demolition of Greenwich Market.

We're going to be totally frank with you on this. We don't think the part of Greenwich Market that is in question should be closed and developed on. In that respect we support the petition.

After consideration, the Council has acknowledged it cannot directly save the market because the land is privately owned. However, its made it pretty clear that any development requires planning permission. In other words, "we'll make it very difficult for you to do this".

Interestingly the Council highlighted how Greenwich being a "conservation area" would factor heavily in any planning decisions for the market. When you place that in context of the huge architectural pollution dumped next to Greenwich Station known as the Novatel, the hypocrisy of the Council's planning decisions are quite breathtaking!


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