Thursday, July 20, 2006

Council's publicity budget doubles

According to a report in the News Shopper the cost of the Council's publicity machine has more than doubled in a year. The report states that in 2004/05 the press the Council spent £480,000 on its press department, however in 2005/6 this rose to nearly £929,000 (let's just call it a million). Interesting that the budget just so happened to leap through the roof in an election year.

Apparently the Council has spent nearly half a million on it's "web project", given that why do we still have to go to the library to read Agenda documents, why can't we download pdf documents? Rarely do we find ourselves agreeing with the Tories, but the quotes from their leader, Cllr Drury, certainly resonate with most of us here. Why is the council spending nearly a million per year on publicity whilst some parts of the Borough decay, the local hospital cuts jobs, schools close, and new school building projects run out of money which the Council is supposed to be covering?


Anonymous John said...

Nearly £1m! and a doubling on the previous year. How can that be justified?

I'm staggered.

11:42 am  
Blogger The Last Boy Scout said...

Does this cost include the £300,000 required to keep their propoganda rag Greenwich Time running?

Glad to see my council tax being put to such good use!

1:41 pm  
Blogger Inspector Sands said...

I don't see Greenwich Time very often - can't remember which of the freesheets it gets bundled with, but I don't get either of them anyway so it doesn't matter. But I wouldn't have too much of a pop at it - after all, it's one of the few ways the council does communicate with its residents. And anyway, Lewisham council forks out for a glossy mag to do its spinning work!

But... where does this £1m go? I know there was a hell of a lot of pre-election advertising (funny, that), but you can't blow half-a-mill on the backs of buses, surely?

And its website's still terrible as well (mind you, so are most council websites).

2:02 pm  

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