Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Political Futures Market?

Anyone fancy a flutter?


Anonymous gmt said...

The thought of any of them moving up the chain fills me with dread.

2:37 pm  
Anonymous John said...

I wasn't aware Raynsford was still around, I've not seen or heard from him in ages.

Has this already happened?

2:52 pm  
Blogger Indigo said...

It is rumoured that Chris Roberts is "away" this week. That's right, not only is the Council paperwork submitted to the Examination in Public all written (it would appear) by Anschutz but the Leader himself does not lead at the EiP of his Council's application for the only regional casino licence. None of his fellow Councillors attend the EiP either. Wake up, Professor Crowe. Greenwich Council's application is riddled with improprieties.

9:58 pm  
Anonymous fergledog said...

Is there still someone out there that honestly still thinks that the council care about what we the residence think?

7:35 am  
Anonymous fergledog said...

Forgive the misuse of words early morning but I am sure you know what i meant

9:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A reliable source" tells me that Len Duvall is likely to run for London mayor, not go for the Greenwich MP slot. And that Chris Roberts may be perfectly happy in his little fiefdom.

10:37 am  
Blogger said...

So Livingstone is going to have seek selection again is he? Has anyone told him?

11:07 am  
Anonymous rulebook pedant said...

Under the Labour Party rules, Livingstone does not have to face re-selection but the 72 constituency parties in London do have to endorse his re-selection at some point, which will probably go through on the nod with just a few verbal complaints at meetings. The regional office would know well in advance if some form of upset to the electoral schedule was likely and they'd always bend it in his favour. Livingstone has always said he wants to be Mayor in 2012 for the Olympics, so that job is not there for the taking other than if the electorate say so.

Len Duvall faces the same procedure among the six Labour Party constituencies in Greenwich and Lewisham as the sitting member ie. a re-selection endorsement unless a significant number of votes go against this and move for a full re-selection process. Again, on the nod.

I don't know who this 'reliable source' is but the general feeling is that Len Duvall, as chair of both the London Assembly Labour Group and Greater London Labour Party, is always more likely to be kingmaker rather than king. He's more suited to the fixer role than the frontline politician.

*My* reliable source at the ALG says that Roberts is a busted flush in Greenwich and much prefers the London stage than his own backyard. If Nick Raynsford (who suffered a 'health scare' in 2000, hence not being the Blairite candidate for mayor) went of his own volition then Len would be a shoo-in for Greenwich and Woolwich in 2009 and this would have a ripple effect that could be to several people's liking.

12:28 pm  
Anonymous gmt said...

...pedantically there are 74 constituencies in London. Mr Rulebook Pedant, which two don't have CLPs?

5:52 pm  
Anonymous gmt said...

And I have heard that the former councillor for Kidbrooke, David Gardiner, is being lined up as uncle Nick's successor.

5:54 pm  
Anonymous anonymong just this once said...

How likely is a Billy-no-mates to get elected as Mayor?

6:55 pm  
Anonymous rulebook pedant said...

I was making sure others were paying attention and knew what they were talking about. You passed the test ;-)

Gardiner as Greenwich MP is the stuff of Roberts' nightmares. Classic! Pete Challis for Erith and Thamesmead!

11:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jackie Smith after Chris Roberts -ancient rome at least had a Claudius between Caligula and Nero!

Was it true that Duvall never wanted Roberts to succeed him as Leader of the Council?

7:41 am  

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