Monday, August 28, 2006

Traffic is up, we know it won't last

It's fair to say that our post last night has caused a little bit of a reaction outside of just Greenwich. We've had over 500 unique hits today, and it's a Bank Holiday! Traditionally our traffic troughs at the weekend, so we've no idea what it will do tomorrow when the Council office's open again.

One thing's for sure, we owe our thanks for this traffic primarily to the leading political blogger, Iain Dale, who - as we found out from our server logs - has heavily linked to our Casino stories here. He's also exclusively published the email we reported on yesterday evening. As a result, we appear to have had the spotlight shined on our site today, and the national press have all been having a good read.

Rest assured though, all this attention will not go to our heads. We'll continue in the same vain as before and leave the limelight to others. Whilst we're on the subject, we've heard a rumour that the full Council meeting for September may be cancelled due to there being no business. Obviously the Casino shenanigans probably guarantees it won't sit now! If it does though, we will do our best to be there.


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