Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Press refused access to Dome plans by Council?

Well what can we say, we are popular today that's for sure. Iain Dale has now picked up on our last post about Rosa D'alessandro having worked at Greenwich Council, and we've just received an email containing the allegation that when the press tried to view the Dome's development plans at the Council's office, they were turned away and told to get permission from AEG and Freud Communications first. How odd?!


Anonymous John said...

Could this be connected to the fact that the council won't release the PWC report on the Dome?

The only person who seems to have been able to read the report has been the Tory Cllr Fletcher, and he’s been gagged.
See here;

2:08 pm  
Blogger The Last Boy Scout said...

In fairness it's PwC that isn't allowing publication, however to stop people even looking at the plans does sounds very iffy.

Not a bad job for a "joke" outfit. I love it when phrases like that come back to haunt people.

2:35 pm  

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