Monday, August 07, 2006

A reminder of how this site works

It appears that some people do not quite understand the concept of a blog and its interactive nature, so we just want to explain it briefly.

We post stories that we think are relevant about the Council, or other things happening in the remit of local politics. If you think that what we've posted is inaccurate, unfair or whatever then you have the power to let the world know that by adding a comment to the post. Some people have sussed this out quite well, such as Cllr Webbewood and the Woolwich Pioneer, others however have not, for example, the person known to us as petechallis05 who insists on emailing us.

We're more than happy to receive email from our readership. However, when it comes to our posts, if you have a comment to make on them then use the Comments section, it really isn't difficult. Please don't email us to demand corrections or apologies, it's pointless. You'll just annoy us and make it even more likely that we won't do what you ask.


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