Thursday, July 27, 2006

Who needs a sports hall?

Last week the Council put another of it's infamous press releases out and this time it was about schools in the borough. Specifically it was boasting about how a recent Ofsted report had said a certain number of schools had improved greatly. In particular they cited the improvement of Christ Church Primary School in Shooters Hill.

The press release also claimed that the one negative in the Ofsted report was actually a positive. The council said that "[t]he report pinpointed the absence of some facilities that the school didn’t possess such as a school hall or a sufficient outside play area for the youngest pupils, but highlighted the fact that the school was deemed to be acutely aware of the situation and worked doubly harder to overcome the possible disadvantages."

What the release doesn't say is that the reason the Christ Church Primary school has no sports hall is because the Council does not consider it a priority. It also doesn't mention the fact that pupils had to eat their lunches in the open air a few years ago as their hall was deemed unsafe as a result of Council neglect.


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