Saturday, July 29, 2006

Youth reoffending rate at 100%

Well we've been reading through the papers we grabbed from the Council meeting so we could post at least once over the weekend. Stuck in the middle of the meeting agenda is a rather detailed document about Youth Offending, it's the kind of thing that puts most people off politics if we're honest with you. It's boring and contains far to many acronyms, our favourite of which is SQUIFA. We don't know what it means, but we're assuming it's something to do with drunk and disorderly behaviour as in, to be a bit squiffy.

What surprised us were the statistics on reoffending rates for the past year. According to the report, the rate of youth offenders that served a custodial sentence and went on to reoffend was 100%. Of the youth offenders given Community Service (like sweeping the streets etc), the reoffending rate was 85%. Amongst first time youth offenders, 61% of them go on to reoffend, and scarily, 37% of youth offenders in Greenwich reoffend whilst still waiting for sentencing on the last offence.

Unsuprisingly, the Council has set itself a target to "improve" these statistics this year. Having read the rest of the document, it appears that one of their solutions is to prioritise youth offenders on the local housing list? Here's a slightly more radical idea though. Why not stop wasting money on publicity, and direct the funds towards the cost of more policemen? Not uniformed civilians with no power, but warranted officers policing the streets. Just a thought.


Anonymous fergledog said...

Tut Tut, are you not aware of the power of "uniforms" they are the new cure all ills, customs, port staff, traffic wardens, all become instantly all powerful, and we must all obey.

10:44 am  
Anonymous John said...

Hold on, is this cause and effect here;

You want a council house sooner rather than later, so just commit a few crimes and you get to move up the list?

12:45 pm  

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