Sunday, August 27, 2006

What about the other Casino documents?

Following on from yesterday's allegation that one of the documents presented to the Casino Advisory Panel in the Greenwich bid was not written by the organisation it purports to be from, we've been reading through the other documents on the site.

The question we wondered was if it's happened with one document what's to stop it happening with another? For example, the document that's listed as being from the Police Borough Commander for Greenwich, Peter Lowton, is written entirely in the third person.


Blogger The Last Boy Scout said...

something is starting to smell very fishy with this while saga.

10:04 am  
Blogger Indigo said...

My sainted aunt - if Council officers and/or Councillors have been faking official documents and trying to pass these off to the DCMS as the views of (a) the police, (b) all the faith groups, (c) the chamber of commerce, and who knows who else, isn't that a sacking offence?

Councillors of good will in Greenwich should demonstrate their good faith immediately by publicly distancing themselves from colleagues who, it would appear, have deliberately tried to pervert the due process of evaluating applications for the supercasino licence and bring the whole Council into disrepute. It is the least that we, the Council Tax payers, expect of you, in the name of democracy. And the perpetrators should be shot at dawn.

I must say, if this does not disqualify Greenwich's candidacy altogether, I will be very surprised. What else has been falsified? The findings of the poll of public opinion? (If so, that would not be the only occasion on which results have been falsified)?

11:10 am  

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