Wednesday, October 25, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Raynsford does some work

We just thought we'd let people know that it's been brought to our attention that the MP for Greenwich and Woolwich, Nick Raynsford, having apparently delegated to his colleague from Eltham recently, is back and working for you in the House of Commons.

Yesterday he put down an Early Day motion which was also signed by Clive Efford and John Austin, calling on the Secretary of State for Transport, Douglas Alexander, to reverse his decision which rejected the Crossrail Station for Woolwich.

Sadly, it may well be the supporters of the motion that bring about it's failure. We've noticed that whilst there are a significant number of signatures, they're mostly made up of people the Government ignores on a daily basis. They're all either backbench pariahs, ex-ministers or what the media lovingly call the "usual suspects".

We watch with baited breath.


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