Monday, December 04, 2006

Council leader makes spurious Council Tax claim

According to the Council Leader, Chris Roberts, Greenwich Council's "collection of Council Tax has proved consistently efficient". Yes... that's rights.... being ranked 332 out of the 354 Councils in England in relation to the amount of arrears that are not collected is apparently "consisently efficient".

It's fair to say that Council Tax collection is "consistent". Consistently bad. Whilst Chris Roberts may think that reptititon of the lie will make it true, the figures clearly speak for themselves. The Council fails to collect more and more Council Tax every year. It is also amongst the worst Councils in the country at collecting Council Tax.

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Blogger Indigo said...

I must confess that I have never been able to understand why some individuals tell stories, the veracity (or otherwise) of which can so easily be checked by anyone. I can only assume that this is what Chris Roberts conceives of as "leadership": all his minions are then expected to put reality on a Procrustean bed and make it fit the falsehood. Or perhaps he expects NuLab to pull his chestnuts out of the fire, in return for a favour or two, such as ... ? Anyway, failure to collect over £9 millions of Council Tax, in two years, is not by any definition "efficient". The Council Leader is being ludicrous.

9:31 am  
Anonymous andrew said...

Au contraire, the Council has been impressively efficient in recent years in bumping up the tax bills of all those residents who do pay their Council Tax. As has that enemy to all Londoners, Ken Livingstone, who can be counted on to deliver a double-digit levy increase this year, and every year. And, curiously, he isn't subject to a cap.

3:32 pm  
Anonymous Black Prince said...

It's a disgrace that those of us who DO pay our Council Tax have to put up with extortionate increases each year to cover the arrears of the parasites the concil can't be bothered to chase.
Perhaps we should exploit the council's unwillingness to pursue arrears by witholding some of our payments?

9:22 am  

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