Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cutting through some truancy spin

As some may be aware, Greenwich has the worst primary school truancy in London. However, London is actually the the worst performing area in England, which, consequentially puts Greenwich at the bottom in England. Yes, we have the worst primary school truancy rate in England.

You may wonder what the Council says about this. Well, apparently, it's all because Greenwich is "particularly rigorous" in measuring attendance. Just to repeat that, the Council's line to the BBC is that we are only bottom because we're really good at measuring attendance. The implication of course that the authorities who have high attendance rates are actually bad at measuring attendance.

Frankly, Greenwich Council needs to wake up and smell the coffee. The reason other authorities do better than it, is because their schools are good. It's not because Greenwich just pays particular attention to registration every morning. We have to say we're astounded that the Council would put out such stupid argument to justify its own incompetence in failing primary school children.

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Anonymous John said...

They want us to believe that even though the schools are bad, and even they admit that, the one thing they are good at is keeping attendance?

Do they think we're really that stupid?

How about instead of concentrating on improving their attendance records they concentrate on making the schools better?

12:53 pm  

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