Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's like the "People's Republic of Greenwichgrad"

Well it seems that the "Glorious Leader" of the Council, Chris Roberts, is certainly chuckling to himself this morning at the way he closed down the ability of any opposition questions last night at the full Council meeting.

Through the use of an obscure procedural rule, Robert's puppet, Mayor Harry Singh, apparently moved all the Councillors questions to the end of the meeting and then closed the meeting before questions could be discussed citing standing order rules relating to the length of a Council meeting.

The word on the street is that the Lib Dems and Tories were apoplectic at what's been described to us as a "stitch up". One of our other Town Hall snitches said the political manoeuvring was reminiscent of the Politburo controlling the Dumas under Brezhnev. The words "People's Republic of Greenwichgrad" even crossed their lips.

To be perfectly honest we're not at all surprised by this. The Council, and specifically the ruling Labour Group, has already cancelled two Council meetings in the last few months. The fact that they would refuse to engage in something so distasteful as democratic accountability isn't particularly shocking in that respect.

Sadly, we get what we vote for.

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Blogger Indigo said...

Are the opposition Councillors going to take this lying down? Why didn't you see this coming and find some equally obscure, countering rule to trump Comrade Roberts?

Should you not convene an emergency Council meeting, to deal with the "adjourned agenda items"?

While you are about it, why - with all the planned cuts - has Council Tax been spent on a "special green" edition of Greenwich Pravda, specially delivered too (ie not inside a freebie local newspaper)?

Come on, guys. Wake up.

4:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By all accounts, the Tories are planning to slap in a Standards Commission complaint on Chris Roberts.

And as a passing point, a lot of members of Greenwich and Woolwich Labour Party, hate Chris with a passion.

4:34 pm  
Blogger Inspector Sands said...

That green issue of Greenwich Time is a bit... odd, isn't it? Not that they shouldn't have done it, but it looks like shoddy PR puffery rather than an encouragement to do anything practical.

And yes, I know the DLR's great, because it's been open to Lewisham for seven bloody years!

Incidentally, not everyone gets the freesheets - I don't - so I don't blame the council for putting an extra bit of effort in to deliver it.

6:24 pm  
Anonymous The Ghost of Will Crooks said...

“That green issue of Greenwich Time is a bit... odd, isn't it?”

Not odd at all when you consider there was a CPA inspection at the same time and the Council had to prove it was being pro-active on the environment.

Having seen Greenwich Watch’s picture under Wednesday, December 06, 2006 showing the sterling effort made to create a wild nature reserve in “the garden of the Council leader, Chris Roberts' registered residence” no one can doubt the Council’s commitment to the environment.

7:22 am  
Anonymous The Ghost of Will Crooks said...

It's like the "People's Republic of Greenwichgrad" - So much so that it is rumoured that doublespeak is starting to be used:

“It’s politically sensitive…” = “Here’s how Chris Roberts wants it done”

“That could cause problems…” = “Chris Roberts will throw a fit if you don’t do as he wants”

“The political reality is…” = “Chris Roberts is going to scream at you”

“Thank goodness we work in a democracy” = “Chris Roberts said what to you in front of witnesses?!”

“I hear you haven’t been well?” = “I hear you are looking for a new job?”

However, I think we can ignore such rumours as it is a well known fact that all employees often speak of how Chris Roberts’ Leadership has produced a feeling of openness and security in the workplace.

7:55 am  
Anonymous Tas said...

Funny that you should be referring to the borough of 'greenwichgrad'.

20 years ago, my parents used to pay their poll tax by cheque, made payable to the 'soviet borough of greenwich' - and the council duly cashed the cheques!!

4:50 pm  

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