Wednesday, January 24, 2007

AEG to give presentation to full Council?

We've just learnt that AEG, the owner of the Dome/O2, will be giving a presentation to the full Council meeting next week (Jan 31st) on what it's been up to in the Dome.
Item 12. Presentation from AEG on the O2 Dome
It's a public meeting so if you're interested we suggest you go. If you look carefully you might even spot us.


Blogger AllBloodyTaken said...

Will you be able to record it tho'..?

5:57 am  
Blogger said...

Definitely. The current constitution has not been changed yet. People could, if they wanted, take video cameras along and film it. The reason the Council are trying to introduce the changes is because "The Council Procedure Rules are currently silent on this matter."

8:26 am  

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