Friday, January 12, 2007

Greenwich educashun in a mess

Six of Greenwich's secondary schools are in the bottom 63 of the 450 or so secondary schools in London according to league tables released yesterday. Not only this but the borough has some of the worst GCSE results in the entire country for the basic core subjects. This doesn't come as a surprise to us, everyone knows that Greenwich's education is absolutely atrocious. That's why a parents with half a brain uses Bexley instead.

Sadly, we, that is the people of this borough, continue to vote in a Council leadership who care more about their own property investments, political careers or just getting the cash allowance than they do about the kids. We reap what we sow.

If you want a life, then don't believe the Council's bookmark.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If people aren't presented with a viable alternative, of course they'll keep the current shower in charge.

The stuff on here needs highlighting, but you can only go so far bashing away without telling us what you'd do instead...

12:17 pm  
Blogger said...

Given that we've no intention of seeking elected office however much the "Greenwich Watch Party" might sound appealing, we really don't see why we have to offer alternatives.

This site isn't about seeking elected office, it's about pointing out the bullshit that pours forth from the tits, twats and tossers in Woolwich Town Hall.

We do appreciate your comments though.

8:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To qualify your statement:

"That's why a parents with half a brain uses Bexley instead".

It's parents who know how to, and can afford send their children across the beloved border that do so. The tragedy is that many parents in this borough know full well they are subjecting their children to an outrageously poor eductaion but are powerless to do anything about it. The council need to be held to account for these results- quickly, before another year of students are failed by the Greenwich Education system. A radical change in the Town Hall is needed!

1:16 pm  

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