Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is Eltham Police Station about to close?

Last week, the Council announced that Shooters Hill Police Station had finally received planning permission to be converted into flats - after sitting empty for over half a decade. Since then rumours have been circulating that another Police station in the Borough may be set to close.

One of our readers has informed us that there are plans for a "Police Shop" in Eltham High Street which will be the base for the "Safer Neighbourhood Teams" for the Eltham area. If this is true, then by implication, Eltham Police Station, which is not open 24 hours a day anyway, would be virtually empty and would simply have a large car park at the back.

That would mean the only police stations, with custody suites and the means to process criminals at any time of the day or night would be Plumstead (which is mired in controversy and worrying allegations) and Greenwich. Eltham would, effectively be on it's own.

On the plus side though, if it's true, it's great news for burglars, who are enjoying a renaissance in some parts of Eltham where their activity has increased by as much 10%.

Who said a "north south divide" was a national thing?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please be advised that there are no (nor have there ever been) cells or custody facilities in Eltham Police Station anyway. Plumstead is the headquarters for Greenwich Borough Police which is where the custody suite is for the borough.

6:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The police shop is designed to put the Safer Neighbourhood Teams in the community and make them more accessible, not locked away behind glass in a police station. I believe it is a good move.

There are no plans to close the Eltham police station which I understand will still function as it always has - albeit a part time station.

2:42 am  

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