Thursday, February 01, 2007

More cut-offs than TK Max

Last night we went to the Council meeting, normally we don't as we work for a living; there were a few fun stories to report. Which we shall do in more detail over the next few days, but just to wet your appetite, here are some of the highlights;
  • Cllr Sidhu trying to explain what he does for his cabinet job
  • Public petitioners holding up Greenwich Time and asking Labour to follow their headline and "Listen" to them
  • AEG explaining that it is now unlikely that there will ever be a casino and therefore other developments at the Dome may not happen (look at what you could've won!)
  • Over an hour spent talking about Cllr Webbewood (the Lib Dems have never had so much coverage in the council chamber before)
  • The meeting then reached its cut-off point after three and half hours, preventing the Tories from having their whine about lack of childcare facilities in the Borough.
  • When cut-off kicked in, which sadly didn't end with the fuss of last November, the opposition groups seemed rightly annoyed, the lot in power just wanted to go home.
  • The Council tax base was unable to be talked about, waved through without a word. Will they bother to collect the Council Tax though?
In depth reports to follow soon. Complete with sarcastic wit!


Blogger Indigo said...

For the benefit of anyone else who, like me, mysteriously did not receive their freebie copy of the NewsShopper this week (2 Feb 2007 edition). (The Greenwich Pravda is usually delivered inside it but this week Pravda was delivered by itself.)

The NewsShopper conducted a poll that confirmed what seems to be common knowledge in this Borough. Contrary to what the Greenwich Soviet would have you and the Government believe,
We didn't want casino anyway!. After the Casino Advisory Panel recommendation was announced, the on-line poll asked Are you disappointed Greenwich did not win the super-casino? And only 19.8 per cent of voters said "yes" whereas 42.7 per cent of people said they did not care Greenwich had lost.

Also, 37.5 per cent of people said there should not be any super-casinos.

Councillors - how could you all be so out of touch?

9:37 pm  
Anonymous gmt said...

indigo that was an online poll and has no scientific value whatsoever.

A bit like your phrase in the petition "probably the majority" ... based on what? A couple of mates at church???

9:25 pm  

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