Friday, February 02, 2007

What do you actually do?

We did promise some more detail, so here it is, sorry it's so short, but we lead such busy lives these days! Readers know all about questions and the "answers" and Wednesday was no different.

We think the best question of the evening was from Tory Cllr Graeme Coombes, who asked Cllr Sidhu, Cabinet member for Greener Greenwich, what exactly it is that he does, and what departments fell under his control in Greener Greenwich.

Cllr Sidhu responded with a two page response (which we won't bore you with) which Cllr Coombes kindly pointed out didn't actually answer the question about what departments fell within his remit.

When Cllr Sidhu rose to answer the supplementary he delivered a verbal ramble which essentially said "I don't actually have any responsibility over anyone or anything". He sounded a bit like the Deputy Prime Minister in more ways than one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sound like the DPM left quite an impact on Greenwich in more ways than one.

9:28 am  

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