Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Building Spin for the Future

Building Schools for the Future, for those that don't know, is the Government project that provides funding for rebuilding lots of secondary schools. It's being carried out in waves with a number of authorities acting as guinea pigs pathfinders to "take the first steps and provide valuable lessons for all subsequent projects." Alternatively that could be "cock up and take the blame" but that would be cynical of us.

Anyway, according to the Council, BSF is "worth £2.2bn a year", which may be true, nationally, in Greenwich it's actually worth capital funding £169 million (including ICT).. well.. maybe. That's the amount of money that Greenwich will get if it ever submits its final business case.

As we've said before, nothing will happen if they don't submit on time, and this is precisely the reason they've tried to rush through the compulsory purchase order of a vicarage and a pub in Plumstead. Their own incompetent tardiness as led them into a situation where they've been accused of maladministration.

If Greenwich ever does get the cash we're sure that the defense procurement/battleship builders that the Council have tasked with doing the work will come up trumps. Apache helicopter landing pads on the roof and runways for Harriers will abound, no doubt supplied by the arms dealers that the Council invests staff pensions funds in!

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