Sunday, January 28, 2007

Of course we looked at other options!

Last Tuesday saw the latest instalment in the Plumstead Manor vs Prince Albert pub and vicarage saga as the Tories on the Council called the decision in to something called the ‘Overview and Scrutiny Call-In Sub Committee’ (with names like these you can see why more people don’t get involved in democracy).

The Tories argued that the original decision to compulsory purchase the pub and vicarage was wrong because there was no evidence that the Council officers had seriously considered any other option. The elderly deputy leader of the Tories put forward an alternative plan, which officers said they had considered and dismissed although they had no documentation to this effect and the wording of the CPO brief suggested they hadn’t.

Another one argued that the plan was wrong as it didn’t fit in with any education plan and was only happening as a result of the Council’s inability to plan school places and desperation to get the Private Finance Initiative money before Gordon Brown spends it all elsewhere.

It was also revealed that the reason they are taking the pub and vicarage off their owners is so they can have more playground space in a school which faces Plumstead Common. More power to the bureaucrats we say!

Quote of the night: Labour Cllr and Chair of the Education Scrutiny Committee Danny Thorpe “I don’t think anyone would see this Compulsory Purchase as part of a grand plan.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves Danny – no plan, no idea and no way forward for the kids of Greenwich!

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