Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Does McDonalds have a hold over Labour's Eltham MP?

On Monday we posted about the prospective parliamentary candidate for Eltham, David Gold, having a blog. We've now had the editorial team reading through the site and, besides David Gold losing his mobile down the toilet we spotted this post about McDonald's in Eltham wanting a license to open until 5am.

According to what looks like a brand spanking new Eltham North website, David Gold and the leader of the Tory Group, on the Council Spencer Drury went out in Eltham last Saturday because of this issue seeking signatures for a petition. We're not sure why Eltham needs a McDonald's open until 5am given it has no pubs open to that time, but then we're not experts. There are lots of students in the area though.

What we found ourselves wondering though was where the Labour MP Clive Efford was on this issue. Eltham is his constituency after all so we'd expect him to have an opinion on it. We took a look at the news section on his website to check but sadly drew a blank.

This couldn't be because McDonald's provided him with travel, accommodation and hospitality to Portugal during UEFA's Euro 2004 tournament could it?

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