Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Leadership changes at the Council

Word reaches us that there may have been some changes in the leadership at the Council. Peter Brooks, who was the Deputy Leader of the Council along with Angela Cornforth is now the only Deputy Leader. The Tory leadership remains the same apparently. The Lib Dems only have two councillors so no change there then.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

are the two Lib Dems still calling themselves a group??

9:44 am  
Anonymous lightunderbushel said...

They've been looking to oust Angela for years and found a novel way of doing so by changing the Labour Group's constitution, so as to have only two at the top.

So which one is the brains and which is the beauty, I'd like to know!

10:05 am  
Anonymous the ghost of will crooks said...

But surely what is important is that the Labour Party is united on the burning issue of the day (and every day), that of agreeing with the Leader?

What kind of democracy would the Labour Party be running if people, Councillors even, were allowed to voice an opinion other than the Leader’s (or the Leaderene-in-waiting’s)? It would never do, would it?

8:10 am  

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