Wednesday, August 15, 2007

'I did not have relations with those councillors'

Someone has emailed us and drawn our attention to a piece in today's Times.
Away from Edinburgh for a second. The desire to hear Bill Clinton seems curiously limited. Yesterday the previous US President (and possibly the spouse of the next) was due to give two talks at the O2 in Greenwich, with tickets starting at £250. The morning show was cancelled. “No it wasn’t,” insists an O2 spokesperson. “It was simply meshed into the second.” Whatever. Then, on Monday at 2pm, less than 24 hours before the curtain was due to go up, Greenwich councillors were e-mailed and told that they were being offered 100 last-minute guest tickets, absolutely free. Would Hillary have sold better?
We have no idea if any councillors went along (yet), nor do we know if they wore special blue dresses and took a pack of cigars just in case.


Anonymous the ghost of will crooks said...

I have heard from afar that there are ripples of disgruntlement spreading out amongst Council minions over the distribution of such tickets and access to 'The Leader's Box' (which, I assume, can only be a reference to the suite at the O2 Dome).

As can be imagined Bill Clinton has a huge ‘fan base’ amongst Council employees. Imagine their disappointment to not know anything about free tickets to see and hear their beloved hero, imagine the potential contretemps should it be that some, dare we say such a word in Greenwich, privileged few were given some of these tickets.

Still, as with all things at Greenwich Council I am sure it is merely a matter of perception. After all, in fairness it could be said that everyone has an equal opportunity to supplicate the Leader and his Courtiers.

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