Friday, September 07, 2007

Alive and well but feeling excluded

Have you missed us? We are still alive, we're just enjoying the return of summer in September and waiting for the Council to start doing things again. However, we do have something to tell you about the wonderful paradise in which we live. The schools are still rubbish.

Last months the GCSEs results came out and they showed that Greenwich Council run schools remain in the bottom quarter of the national list. On the plus side we have managed to come second in the league table for the highest rates of exclusions and suspensions from schools in London.

Apparently, according to figures slipped out by the Government we have a 17.01% suspension rate. This is something we think we should be proud of. Our pupils, unlike most of the rest of the capital know how to fight, and double-hard too. Just a few more percent and we might even top the league.

Rest assured that normal service will be resumed soon. We do have lives too though.


Blogger Major Gripe said...

Wow - my own little post... if only the council could be that responsive.

Do you think that the excluded pupils are sent to the parking department to fight the decent man?

9:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am led to believe that during the summer recess the council supplied entertainment for some of these poor children, I did see that there was a go cart track on eaglesfield, and a computer bus, the go carts i am otld were taken off the track and ridden over the grass, and one of the little darlings apparently drove off in the bus, still i think a trip to Thorpe park was organised for them incase the trauma was to much. Perhaps there is someone who can verify this, and if so why does an ASBO make you eligable for all the freebies????

1:31 pm  
Blogger Den said...

If you think local schools are bad, take a look at the libraries. Interesting letter in last wk's Observer abt spending cuts/staff uniform fiasco. Sad - i used to work for LBG libraries but was totally disillusioned by the time I left. Senior management had total contempt for their staff & public, & in my time were mainly into taking it in turns to promote each other/feather their nests. "Blatant cronyism" wd be politest description of what went on. People & Services Last...

3:14 pm  

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