Monday, March 17, 2008

Room on your horse for three?

Would two little boys make room on their horse for one more?
We ask because we recently came across the following links and it looks like one of the Conservative Councillors, Cllr Truss, may be eyeing up the job of becoming the Lib Dem Whip. The Dynamic Duo must too be getting all exited at the prospect of increasing their numbers by 50%.

But let's face it as she used to be one of the fence sitters before moving over to the Tories to get elected its hardly surprising she's trying to keep close links with the Lib Dems.

See here;

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liz Truss however, remains a Conservative councillor and Reform is a Tory associated think tank. Your story would have less credibility if it wasn't for the fact that Cllr Truss is in fact an ex-Lib Dem and a highly active one at that.

Truss made a name for herself while in the youth and student section of the Lib Dems, when she proposed a motion proposing abolition of the monarchy to the party conference in 1993, angering the grandees somewhat.

She must have had a sober conversion to conservatism after university as she was in the Tory fold and contesting seats in Greenwich by 2002 and seeking Parliamentary selection not long after. It was in relation to the selection circuit that her history as a latter-day Robespierre came out thanks to some Fleet Street digging (1993 being pre-google, obviously).

Of course, all highly irrelevant when concerned with the matter at hand but given Greenwich's longstanding associations with royalty, perhaps her colleagues could be forgiven for appearing a bit jittery the next time a HRH shows up in town.

10:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even longer than that as she stood in Vanbrugh ward in 1998 and for parliament in Hemsworth 2001

8:49 am  

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