Monday, May 29, 2006

The Tilfen Land Connection?

According to the GLA's Standing Register of Member's Interests the former Leader of Greenwich Council, and Labour GLA member for Greenwich and Lewisham, Len Duvall holds a non-executive directorship at Tilfen Land.

Tilfen Land are a property developer founded in 1999 and are significantly involved in Greenwich regeneration work. According to the website its project include the Woolwich Schoolhouse development, Woolwich Trade Park, West Thamesmead Business Park, Gallions Hill and White Hart Triangle to name but a few.

What's more, when you hit the Track Record section of Tilfen's website it is headed by a photo of three people, one of which is the Deputy Leader of the Council, Angela Cornforth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site. It's about time someone kept tabs on this shabby shower. I've lived in the borough all my life and over the years seen it eroded into the embarrassment it has become.
Keep watching.

2:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! Great work.

2:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the expansion of City Airport: After moving to the riverside a couple of years ago I can comment on the huge difference that the expansion that has already taken place at London City Airport.

When we first moved here - the planes were not a worry at all - 95% of them were propeller planes and they are not a noise worry at all. However during this summer we have noticed that jets now make up about 70% of the flights and the noise from jet planes is a lot noisier. As for having your windows open - well forget that unless you are feeling tolerant or it is one of the quieter flight days.So noisy in fact that when one goes over that it stops conversation and also you cannot hear the radio or television unless you turn them up.

I mentioned this to my local councillor - and he seemed pretty disinterested - but this is a real issue for the new Thames Gateway developments in the east of the borough of Greenwich. But of course their hoping you will just pop in the ear plugs and forget about the roar of the jets in your nice new home!

1:12 pm  

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