Sunday, June 18, 2006

Local Scouts may get show hall after all?

This evening we've learnt that a written question was submitted at last week's full Council meeting about the Woolwich Scouts Gang Show. The question apparently called on the Council leader, Chris Roberts, to make a statement about whether the Scouts would be able to use the Town Hall for the show.

In his response, Chris Roberts acknowledged the hall was not available after 6pm and that the Council were aware the Scouts wanted to use it beyond that time. Importantly, he concluded that the Council was happy to discuss specific requirements with the Scouts.

We hope our friends in the local scouts will keep us informed of how those discussions go.


Blogger Nigel said...

Your information is correct - I tabled the question to the Leader after hearing about the local Scouts' problems from your site.
Chris Roberts replied that there is not a blanket ban on opening the Town Hall beyond 6pm, and groups such as the Scouts who are unlikely to abuse the facilities or create a disturbance will be treated sympathetically.

9:12 pm  

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