Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Our thanks to Glenn at the News Shopper

We'd just like to thank Glenn Ebrey at the New Shopper for taking the time to write an article about us for this weeks paper. No doubt this will add to our unique hit count, which is nearly 1000 for the first two weeks of June.

As we said to Glenn, we're not just here to speak out about the Council but also to provide a platform for your views. In the News Shopper article, the Council has complimented us for taking an "active part in democracy" and we appreciate that acknowledgement, however we also note they don't think we can "make a real difference."

We'd just like to take this opportuntity to point out to our readers that for a site that cannot make a difference it's interesting that the majority of our traffic originates from the Council. We've also heard that in a recent Committee Meeting a question was raised as to why a defense procurement company was going to build Greenwich's schools. If that isn't making a difference we're not quite sure what is.

Thanks again Glenn.


Blogger andreworford ªº said...

Your website initiative is a great advance for South London and people exploring the web as a platform for civic participation.

I have promoted it on my raggedschool blog which is is also dedicated to promoting an awareness of local and civic particpation through technology.

see here

5:37 pm  

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