Thursday, June 29, 2006

Time for Physical Jerks Winston!

It's fair to say we couldn't help but notice that the "Leader's Comment" section in this weeks copy of Greenwich Time had a lot about the topic of health. Presumably this is a reaction to our post and the local press, which showed that Greenwich's health is in a pretty poor state.

The amusing thing in Greenwich Time is that no mention is made of the Government's statistics. Instead we're subjected to Chris Roberts telling us to "get active in one way or another and create a healthier culture that's good for us and for Greenwich."

We thought it was interesting he said it would be "good for us and Greenwich". We expect a "healthier culture" would be good for them, it would mean their failures wouldn't be publicised by the NHS for all to see. We also noticed he's not actually proposing solutions to the poor health of the Borough expect that we should all get out more. That suggests to us he sees the Borough's health problems as our fault rather than the Council's which he leads.

Now get in front of your telescreen, Physical Jerks commence in three minutes!


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