Friday, July 21, 2006

Will anyone tell us about London City Airport?

At the beginning of June we posted about London City Airport expansion plans and the sale of airport. In that post we asked if any councillors were willing to let us know what the Council had to say on the issue.

After all, whilst the airport is not in Greenwich Borough it's only a river that separates the people of Woolwich and Thamesmead from the airport. What's more the forthcoming Tripcock Point development by Tilfen land sits almost directly on the end of the runway (perhaps it should be renamed West-Slough? Check out the aerial view here if you don't believe us).

Sadly - although not unexpectedly - no one from the Council has bothered answering our original request, so we decided we'd give it another go. This time however we've decided to contact them directly instead.

As regular readers will know, we've had a bit of a bee in our bonnet recently about the Register of Member's Interests. During our cold, lonely nights of digging around we discovered that the Deputy leader of the Council, Peter Brooks, is on the London City Airport Consultative Committee.

When we found this out we decided to email Cllr Brooks and ask him what the Council's position was on the proposed expansion and it's impact on the Borough. Sadly, he's failed to reply. We do however have reason to believe that there may have been an edict sent out not to talk us, so at least he's shown he's loyal and committed.

Who needs to talk to the public anyway? We're just annoyances!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having just looked at Nigel Fletchers web site it would seem that the council do not talk to anyone about anything, still the occupants of Tripcock will have easy access (NEW BRIDGE) and who knows perhaps 10% discount for being in the flight path

3:53 pm  

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