Friday, September 08, 2006

Oh what a twisted web they weave...?

It's been brought to our attention that there's a petition doing the rounds about Hervey Road Sports Ground in Kidbrooke. Unlike so many sports grounds these days the Coucnil actually owns Hervey Road yet you'd not think that if you took a look at it. From what we've heard it's quite popular with smackheads these days.

The petition - to restore the sports grounds to a usuable open space - has been started by the two Tory councillors in Kidbrooke, Graeme Coombes and Andy Jennings. Sadly it seems the other ward councillor, Labour's Norman Adams, doesn't really get involved much in the area. He failed to turn up at the recent Safer Neighbourhood meeting apparently. Maybe he was scared of Kidbrooke at night?

It would certainly be a shame if another of the Council's open spaces was left in this state. However we've put out feelers out and there may be another reason the Council has let the area slide so drastically. Obviously this is nothing but rumour and conjecture, but it's been suggested that a special needs school from Plumstead may be moved on to the site. That narrows the field down to Willowdene school by our reckoning.

Interestingly Willowdene has quite a large sports field attached to it which, if we're cynical, would make prime housing development land. The sale of such land would certainly help the Council out as they're apparently quite short of the necessary cash to build their Civic Centre.

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Anonymous John said...

So the Council could be considering to sell off more sports ground land, and yet at the same time it keeps saying that it is worried about childhood obesity.

1:16 pm  

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