Wednesday, September 06, 2006

City Airport expansion draw closer, yet the Council remains silent

The questions surrounding the future expansion of City Airport remain this week after the airprot's owner, Dermot Desmond, put the airport officially up for sale at an estimated 650m price tag (CitiGroup are potential buyers according to business reports).

As we've reported previously, there are extensive expansion plans for the airport, and Greenwich Council have been utterly silent about the impact of those plans on those in Thamesmead, especially anyone buying a new property on Tripcock Point which is less than a mile from the end of the runway.

The Council's silence is certainly odd, as its Deputy leader, Peter Brooks, is not only supposed to represent the ward for whom an airport explansion would be a blight, but he's also an authority member on the London City Airport Consultative Committee. You would've thought that given he holds his seat on the basis of a minscule turnout he'd be more concerned about the potential impact his silence might have on the matter.

Presumably - if it's anything like the Casino bid at the Dome - it will end up being presented as a fait accompli sometime in the future. The question really is whether it will happen before, or after, all the property being built in Thamesmead has been sold. No doubt when the time comes the Council will blame Newham for the negative equity impact on Tripcock Point.


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