Friday, September 01, 2006

Pete Challis writes to the Mercury again

We couldn't help but notice that former councillor, Pete Challis has written another letter to the Mercury moaning about the Coronet cinema redevelopment in Eltham. This time however he's decided to take a different tack and is claiming that the Town Hall is hiding things.

According to the letter, he made a Freedom of Information to the Council demanding all written correspondance and emails in relation to planning work in Eltham since March 22, 2005. He goes on to say that:

"The documents I received revealed a plan for Catehdral to develop a store to Lidl's specifcation at the Coronet and then swap with Lidl for its site in Eltham High Street. Those plans had not been revealed to elected members until that documentation arrived"

Sounds pretty daming doesn't it? The problem though is that anyone who pays attention to the dirth of political literature coming through their doors knows that accusation is a blatent act of disingenuity.

You see, in the the local election campaign in May, the office of the local Eltham Labour Party was putting out literature that talked about exactly that development and potential swap. The suggestion that such facts have only come to light thanks to the dilligent investigative prowess of a former councillor are, frankly, nonsense.

Given the above we find ourselves asking the question: Does Pete Challis have a hidden agenda?


Anonymous John said...

Sorry I'm not up on my local party histroy but wasn't this the same Pete Challis who was kicked out of the Labour Party?

4:25 pm  
Blogger said...

He wasn't kicked out of the Labour Party that we know of. He was however forced out of the Cabinet.

4:53 pm  
Blogger Inspector Sands said...

He should start a blog. It'd be better than writing letters to a freesheet.

7:23 pm  

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