Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Four Year Rule?

A reader has brought this rather worrying article in today's Guardian to our attention. The Government it appears is proposing to change the rules so that leaders of Council's are formally elected to their positions for four years.

The current scenario is that leaders of Council enjoy their position much like Tony Blair enjoys his as Prime Minister. Their party elects him as leader and he does the job, always mindful that he coulc be booted out at any time. This is how Greenwich works right now.

We're aware that the split in the local Labour Party is, to say the least, acrimonious, so we imagine the news of a "four year rule" will certainly set the tongues wagging.


Anonymous robertsfan said...

Four more years! Four more years!

3:31 pm  
Anonymous John said...

great satire Robertsfan,

8:01 pm  
Anonymous lowestoftjohn said...

robertsfan, are you comparing your object of adoration with a dim-witted autocratic leader manipulated by his deputy who can't take his drink and is ridiculed behind his back by even his closest supporters?

If so, carry on.

10:18 am  
Anonymous robertsfan said...

Who've you got in mind as your alternative leader then? Jamie Oliver?

4:07 pm  
Blogger said...

Clive Efford?

5:12 pm  

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